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Instagram Display Picture Downloader & Viewer


How To Get Full Size Instagram Profile Picture?

Step #1: Copy the URL of the Instagram profile which would you like to see bigger profile picture.

You can also use the username of the Instagram profile. Example: the URL of the profile is https://www.instagram.com/realbarbarapalvin and username is realbarbarapalvin.

Step #2: Put the URL or username of the Instagram profile into the input and then press the "Get Profile Picture" button, you can also hit enter.

Downloading Full Size Instagram Display Picture

Step #1: Follow steps above and get someones bigger profile picture.

Step #2: Saving full size profile image:

On computer: Right click to "See Full Image" then click "Save As" and save image to your computer.

On smartphones: Long press to profile image, press "Download Image" and save image to your smartphone.

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